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The Role of


in Business

This is YOUR opportunity to join 15 Inspiring Entrepreneurs and be published as a #1 BESTSELLING AUTHOR.

Enter the TOP 10% of your field

and position yourself as an expert

by becoming a #1 Bestselling Author!

​“The Role of Authenticity in Business” is a collection of the experiences of women as they have overcome the obstacles of life to creating the life of their dreams. Through the highs and lows, you have wisdom to share other women and YOUR STORY DESERVES TO BE SEEN AND HEARD. 

You have an incredible opportunity to share your story! By simply sharing what you have learned as an overcomer, your courage to follow your dreams and write your chapter will inspire another woman to pursue her dreams as well.

YOUR STORY MATTERS MORE THAN YOU KNOW and will completely change the life of another woman. Will you join us?


Ready to be featured in media, magazines and to land high-quality clients?

This is an amazing opportunity for YOU if you're ready to:


> Say YES to your dream of authorship.

> Catapult to the TOP 10% of your field.

> Add “BEST SELLING AUTHOR” to your credentials!

> Become the sought-after expert.

Authenticity and Healing in Business (2)

Grab YOUR spot in this bestselling book, TODAY!


Here’s what you get in the Bestselling Author Package:

Women Holding Hands

1 of 15 spots in a collaboration book called “The Role of Authenticity in Business”


A print book cover with



A simple, easy to follow writing guide to establish your expertise and help you write with clarity

large book in living room

The rights to sell your print book and keep your profits

E-book Reader

Your chapter included in the original Kindle and print version, and PLACED AS CHAPTER 1 in your version!


The EXCLUSIVE Bestseller Title and Badge





  • A Bestseller Campaign for the main version of the book

  • A Done For You Book Publishing service – My team will publish the book with an international publisher! (Value at $1,000) 

  • A masterclass training on how to use your book for BEST results – high ticket client, media feature, speaking gigs, etc. (Value $1,000)

Over $5,000 in value for ONLY


What would your commitment look like?


> YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN AMAZING WRITER! Our editors will take great care of you!

> You'll write a 2,000-3,000 word chapter as well as a short biography.

> You will need an image of you to share with your bio.

> You will have until June 15th to finish your chapter.

> You must participate in the marketing of the book! Don't worry--we make it fun and easy!

By joining the

“The Role of Authenticity in Business”

Book Project you get to:


> Fulfill your dream and become an INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHOR
> Become the go-to expert in your field with the bestselling author ‘street-cred’
> Be featured in the media, on podcasts, on stage, in magazines, etc.
> Land high-quality clients on a consistent basis
> Inspire other moms to pursue their passions and entrepreneurial dreams
> See YOUR NAME on the front cover of an internationally published book

“The Role of Authenticity in Business”

is NOT for you if you are:


> Not willing to take action and implement the simple writing strategy. 
> Wanting to do it on your own and take the long road.
> Attached to your fears and excuses – and not willing to go after your dreams of published authorship. 

Looking for flexibility?


Get the 3 Month Flex Plan: $400/month

Get the 4 Month Flex Plan: $300/month


Meet the Organizer!



Hi, I'm Amber! I became a #1 International Best Selling Author in January--and I want to share that credential with you. This book project is a labor of love--one that will inspire passionate women to become successful business women.

It is through healing, vulnerability, authenticity, and love that we find success in our lives, whether it is in parenting, relationships or business.

Everyone has a story to tell. So what's yours? I'm inviting you to tell all in this book so that your story can be heard and become the inspiration for someone out there who is just like you.

Let's get writing!

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