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How to Make FB Your B*tch!

So many coaches are telling me how hard it is to sell online. In fact, they're about to give up all together. They're getting crickets. They're not getting any engagement. And they're pretty sure it's only their mom liking on things.

Here's the thing. We need a few things to do social media selling correctly...

  1. A strategy

  2. Consistency

  3. Authenticity

We also need to enter into the social selling space with the correct mindset. Mindset beliefs are what hold us back from anything we want in life. And it's all fear based. Are you struggling with any of the following beliefs?

  • People don't want to buy right now.

  • I'm annoying if I sell anything, and people will just tune me out.

  • No one wants to buy what I have.

The truth is, people LOVE buying. They enjoy spending money. That's why window shopping, shopping addition, and retail therapy exist. Spending feels good.

So, no, you're not annoying--unless you're posting the wrong things, or at the wrong time, then the reason you have crickets is NOT because you're annoying.

In fact, most of the time, it's because you haven't warmed up the algorithm enough to show up in other people's feeds. I can hear you now... "HOW DO I DO THAT?!"

That's why I've created the "How to Make FB Your Bitch" workshop -- which will take place on December 3rd at 2pm CST in The Biz Launchpad for Coaches.

Join us here >>

Can't wait to see you inside so that you can start learning how to make FB your B*TCH! Ha!

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