Client Project: Robin S. Pollak

Robin came to me with a very unique challenge. Not only was she now a health and life coach, but she was coming to me with a background in speech and language pathology, and had been in that field 30+ years. She wanted to create and utilize a website for both her life coaching and her speech pathology practice.

When Robin came to me, she wasn't completely decided on a business name, but due to the fact that she has a licensed professional practice, we decided to simplify and give all of her business operations one name -- which would simply be her name: Robin S. Pollak. Not only can this make a business seem more professional, but it can be far less confusing for clients to work with that business.

Robin did not have a logo, so we created one for her. I felt like it needed to have some of her personality, and what better to exhibit personality than your own handwriting? I had Robin write her name for me several times, and I generated an easier to read digital version through use of the pen tool in Photoshop to use as a logo:

Next, Robin needed a set of colors to use for her upcoming website. She had a general idea of what she wanted already--pretty beach colors such as beige and turquoise. You'll notice the turquoise in her logo above. We hunted down some color palettes, and chose this one:

Robin wanted her business vibes to include being stress free, calm, relaxed, focused, and clear on intentions. She absolutely loved the idea of using a child-like Buddha figure for her "mascot." I utilized stock imagery and adjusted the colors to give her this figure (which she instantly fell in love with):

Robin has a great passion for helping people. She wanted to help people not only to speak when they physically can't (speech pathology), but to help them elaborate and communicate effectively their needs and wants in life and business (intuitive life coaching). Robin's tagline became "No Voice Too Small to Be Heard" as it was both in line with her Speech Pathology practice as well as her life coaching.

After her business name, logo, color palette, and Buddha mascot were created, we began to work on her business cards and website. First up: her business cards. She wanted unique cards, so we went with a square shaped design.

Next, we worked on her website. We incorporated both her speech pathology and her life coaching into it to give her clients a way to learn about all of her services. Check it out: Robin S. Pollak

On her website, she offers online booking as well as guided meditations in her store. For her meditations, I created a color branded icon for her to use that both represented meditation and audio.

I also created four printable documents (two free guides for her to use as e-mail opt-ins and two fliers) and images for her store gift certificates. If you'd like to view her beautiful personalized guides, check out her website and opt-in to receive them via e-mail. (You can always unsubscribe from her list if you aren't interested in her services.) However, here is a preview of her gift certificates (designed to be printed on one page or front and back).

She wants a little bit of a revamp on her fliers, so I won't post those just yet. Once they are completed, I will update this project blog post.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to book a call with me here for more info!


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