Client Project: Energy and Soul

Website Owner: Katie Gasparri

Visit Online: Energy and Soul

Katie came to me with a few ideas and not much to begin with. We started out with business coaching: I helped her to choose her business name, color scheme, what her logo should consist of, and to break her out of her shell a little bit.

First we started with her business name. I aided her in honing in on the words and feelings that she wanted her health coaching practice to use and evoke through play of words, thesaurus and thinking outside of the box.

Next, we needed a color scheme for her. After a little bit of business branding discovery, she decided that she wanted an energetic vibe for her business. Through the use of color theory coaching, she decided on green, pink, yellows and blues.

Now that we had a color scheme and business name, we needed a logo for her. We talked about the imagery that could evoke the emotions that she wanted to portray. She said that she was a loving warrior and advocate for health and gaining energy. She decided that a heart could symbolize her being a loving person, and that fire and/or wings could portray being a health warrior and energy creator. We played with those concepts, and I created this logo for her:

Next up: she needed to get visible. For that moment in time, it entailed starting up a website, a postcard-sized hand out, and business cards. Awhile back, I had also taken professional head shots for Katie, so that was already taken care of.

Here is her business card:

And her postcard-sized hand out:

And last but most definitely not least, her website: Energy and Soul

Questions? Comments? Looking for a designer or some coaching--or both? Feel free to send me a message here.


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